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User Experience Monitoring

Customer Centric Monitoring

User Experience Monitoring

User Experience Monitoring measures your digital platform's performance and alerts you when downtime or delays are picked up. This ensures all underlying services and third-party integrations are working as expected.

Our monitoring solution automates and tracks key identified journeys in your digital environment - reporting on the experience in near real-time.

This provides an end-to-end view of a system's behavior - allowing for the monitoring and the management of numerous complicated and interrelated applications.

Our monitoring spans the following areas

Browser monitoring

Browser Applications

App monitoring

Mobile Applications

Cloud monitoring

API Integrations

USSD monitoring

USSD interactions

2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication

Make data-driven decisions based on performance

Our platform provides critical details that are captured when errors or delays occur.

Historical reports and graphs on your digital performance enable optimisation from underlying metrics gathered throughout the monitoring process.

UEM reportingUEM reportingUEM reporting
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Stay updated on our mobile application

Have visibility on errors and receive alerts in real time.

UEM collects screenshots of the error that's when an error occurs, so you have a preview of what customers are currently experiencing

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Insiteful offers

A complete solution

A complete solution

We provide a seamless monitoring environment inclusive of all required hardware, software and other resources needed.

Script writing and maintenance

Script writing and maintenance

We consult, create and maintain scripts specific to your business environment and requirements.

No operational impact

No operational impact

Expect no impact on your technical staff during the implementation and management of our monitoring solution.

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